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John Pinch MEd works with pupils in primary and secondary schools as a designer in residence. He also provides Design and Technology INSET for teachers in primary schools.

These images are links to the most recent work.

St Michael's Church of England Primary School: 2009
A commission was received to work with the pupils of St Michael's Primary School to create a sculpture following an award that the school had recently recieved. Every pupil in the school played a part in laying blocks, mixing mortar, rendering and finishing the 5 metre long dragon.
Katharine Lady Berkeley's School: 2012
A commission was received to recreate a dragon in the playground of Katharine Lady Berkeley's School. The sculpture measures over 20 metres in length and is made of rendered concrete before receiving a painted decorative finish. All Year 9 pupils worked in turn on the feature during two weeks in the summer term.
Katharine Lady Berkeley's School: 2013
Following the tragic demise of two pupils from the school a commission was recived to create a memorial in the form of a shelter where pupils could relax during break and lunch times. A twin hexagonal seating arbour with an adjoining garden space was designed and built with the help of groups of Year 9 pupils.
Kingswood Church of England Primary School: 2014
In response to a request to create an illustrated name for the school a design was created to incorporate silhouettes of every pupil to be cut from plywood, painted and mounted on the front wall with the letters describing the name of the school. The photographs were taken and manipulated by the A level Photography group from KLB.
Katharine Lady Berkeley's School: 2014
Seating was needed under a covered area in the school grounds to accommodate as many pupils as possible. A creative layout comprising snaked seating covered in decking was built with the help of Year 8 pupils and linked to the adjacent music rooms by a baby grand piano, complete with a garden and sculpted manikin.
Design and Technology INSET
John offers teachers Design & Technology Inset training centred around individual school needs. Teachers will experience a range of practical D&T activities to further their own skills and knowledge in readiness to effectively deliver projects in the classroom.